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2 years later and we’re back at it. Had to make another video. Shout out WooStaar. One. 

Go Giants.

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Damn.  My real job had my internet game all fucked up today.  Just learning about this.

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I wouldn’t want to sum up the Bay any better right now.

Husalah, Roach Gigz, J Stalin 

I wouldn’t want to sum up the Bay any better right now.


Husalah, Roach Gigz, J Stalin 

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Some great booty and bay visuals.  Do your thing, Roach.

"Money Overload," by Philthy Rich featuring Keak da Sneak and Roach Gigz.  Produced by the Mekanix.  

Some drive fast music.

"F A Chorus," by Roach Gigz. Roach goes (drunk)in on this one.  I bet this was something Roachy wrote while in New York a couple weeks back.

When Odd Future is on MTV, people shit themselves (and probably don’t wipe their asses now that it’s cool not to).  But them blowing up is predictable, at least by now.  But Roachy Balboa on MTV? Now that’s reason to get loose bowels.    Please support by getting the view count up for him.  Even if it’s kind of an eh interview, it’s only like 2 minutes long.

For an awesome interview with Roach, head over to Cocaine Blunts.  

Bo in Hawaii would put me straight to sleep.

"Hold Up," by Roach Gigz featuring J. Stalin.  Off of Roachy Balboa: Round 2, which drops January 4.  Kinda clubby, kinda singy/Drakey chorus, but I’m not mad.  Not mad at all.

Roach’s group, M.A.N.G.O. Mob, ain’t half bad.

love a mixtape

T.I. might not need a mixtape, even though he did one…  I mean, I guess you can call them time-sensitive album throwaways, yet besides Celebration, Ready Set Go, Really Living Like That, and Once Upon a Time, those better not so much as breathe near King Uncaged.   But there are a lot of other hungry, ambitious artists trying to improve artistically and expand their audiences.  In the Bay Area alone, there’s been an abundance of quality mixtape music as of late.

"Grimey," by T-Mazz (off of Nuttin But Slap: Volume 9).

"Hunnid Round Drums," by Stevie Joe featuring Guce and J. Stalin (off of Quit Hatin on the Bay: Thuggy Fresh Edition).

"California," by the Jacka featuring Joe Blow (off of Nuttin But Slap: Volume 9).

"Respect It," by Roach Gigz (off of Roachy Balboa).

"Magic Gas," by Roach Gigz (off of Roachy Balboa).

"Inherited," by Shady Nate featuring Mitchy Slick (off of The Shady Bunch: Volume 3).